Alexis Texas - Too Hot to Think!

Updated: August 3rd, 2011


Alexis Texas fans, how about this heat? Girls from Texas know all about feeling hot... and no, for once, I'm not talking about ''that'' kind of hot! I'm talking about, need to go inside and take off my clothes, that kind of hot! So I guess it's both kinds... oh, I don't know, it's too hot to think! How about I just stop trying to make sense, and put my naked body in front of a camera?

Starring: Alexis Texas

Pictures: 107

Alexis Texas - Public Nudity Feels So Good!

Updated: July 20th, 2011


Hey Alexis Texas fans, get comfortable! Here are 70 photos of me out by the pool, getting hornier by the minute. I'm wearing my peach bikini, and the sun is so bright and hot... you know what, let's ditch this bikini! After that, it's just sexy, naked me, smiling under the sun as you check out all the angles. Get your fill of public nudity, you horny voyeurs, because this pornstar is taking it all off under the sun!

Starring: Alexis Texas

Pictures: 70

Alexis Texas - Pink Thong and Fuck-Me Boots

Updated: July 6th, 2011


Alexis Texas is here with all the hot pink badass-itude you could ever want! Today I'm sharing 64 photos of me against a hot pink set, wearing thigh high boots and a tiny thong bikini. My body was the whole reason the thong bikini was invented, by the way... check out the way it dips between my thighs, and how much of my ass you get to see when I bend over!

Starring: Alexis Texas

Pictures: 64