Alexis Texas and Puma Swede Being Silly and Sexy

Updated: June 22nd, 2011


Do blondes really have more fun? Alexis Texas here, and guess who's with me? None other than tall, hot, busty blonde Puma Swede! Why choose between goofy-girl and sexy-slut, when you can have both... times two! These 57 gonzo photos are colorful at first, but once the balloons are all popped and the novelty of topless tutu dancing wears off, there's nothing left but... two sexy, naked pornstars, crawling all over each other!

Starring: Puma Swede, Alexis Texas

Pictures: 57

Alexis Texas Gets What She Needs - Fucked Like a Pornstar!

Updated: June 8th, 2011


Alexis Texas is on the cock once again, fans! Steve Holmes offers up his dick for my outrageously horny pussy, and you get to watch it all in these 48 gonzo photos. When a pornstar gets horny, you can be sure: this isn't a performance, this is one of the hottest pussies on earth, about to ravage some stiff cock! You can see it on my face while I'm riding him - I could have kept this up all day!

Starring: Alexis Texas, Steve Holmes

Pictures: 48

Alexis Texas Makes it Hotter with Natural Tits and Sunshine

Updated: May 25th, 2011


Alexis Texas is here to bring that Southern sun and warmth to the rest of the world! Here are 56 photos of me in blue underwear, against a sun-soaked stairway, indoors. If we did this photo set right, the natural sunlight bouncing off my natural tits and ass should make you feel hot, no matter where you are! For good measure, I get down and let the camera come close for some intimate gonzo shots of my pussy.

Starring: Alexis Texas

Pictures: 56